The fast growth and development of the global shipping industry and commercial shipping has led to this sector becoming a main contributor to the global economy. This has led to increasing employment oppurtunities offering

stimulating, fulfilling and well-paid career for men and women who enjoy challenges and responsibilities compared to the mundane ‘nine to five’ routine.

A career at sea is not only different but also provides individuals with a unique lifetime experience of rewarding challenges that can be later utilized in the long term both on-shore and off-shore.

Maritime careers are very versatile and full of option. While many would want to pursue the lines of being captain, chief engineer, chief electro-technical officer or hotel operations manager on-board ship, others may decide later to move back to land like many experienced mariners.

Examples of some typical shore based career opportunities include:

  • lship management and fleet operations
  •  surveying ships to check seaworthiness
  •  ports and harbour management and pilotage
  • lecturer in college, training the seafarers of the future
  • maritime regulatory authorities
  • ship repair and marine equipment production
  • marine insurance
  • ship broking and finance
  • ship classification 
  • maritime law and arbitration
  • Offshore exploration.

Officers with MCA certificates of competency enjoy a very good reputation in the global industry throughout the world and have a lot of high earning employment opportunities.  Both technical and managerial skills learnt at sea are highly transferrable and can be used in other fields as well.